To connect to this concert, please click on this link of Konsulat Kultury,
Gdynia, any time after 11:00 am MDT:

You are also able to connect through Joanna’s Facebook page at:

In case you missed the CTV the other day, we invite you to watch this video clip of Obsessions own cellist, Ronda Metszies: 

CTV May 12th - Cellist's First Outdoor Performance
And here is CBC coverage as well (with more performance and less interview): 

It is our hope to continue to brighten your day with our music presented through innovative virtual projects. Please feel free to write to us any time  through our website.
Please ,spread the word about our online concert on Friday, and we hope to “see you” then!

Enjoy the weather and stay safe and healthy,

Your Obsessions Octet

As you all know, our performance venues have switched from concert halls, clubs and outdoor stages to…. the internet. Well, at least for now.


We continue to hope and dream about the future, when we will once again be able to safely play for you live, but until then we are delighted to share with you our first online project.

This Friday, May 15th, at 12:15 pm MDT 

please join us in watching the live stream of the concert we played at the 2016 Rochester Jazz Festival, as a part of the “Oh Canada” Series.

This concert was recorded and broadcast by PBS American Television. The whole event will be presented by Konsulat Kultury in Gdynia, Poland  - one of our presenters while on tour in Poland.

As a surprise and special gift from the Obsessions Octet to music fans in Poland, both Kent and Joanna will answer a few questions from their home here, in Edmonton, directly before the showing of the concert.

Listen here: Obsessions Octet flying high on classical octane (by Mike Ross)

REVERENCE   is available in Edmonton’s coolest record stores:  blackbyrd and The Gramophone.  

This is our most diversified recording so far, and promises some familiar sounds as well as new ones to explore. Half of it was recorded in Poland , after our last European Tour 2017 in Gdansk, and the other half was finished in Edmonton, in June 2018. We are looking forward to a concert featuring more music from this new CD in early October.

Feel free to contact us with your thoughts about our new album, questions or suggestions.








  • Obsessions Octet’s fourth offering 
    "Well into their second decade, the experiment known as Obsessions Octet shows serious staying power, proving that melding a string quartet to a jazz quartet was an inspired idea. Their new fourth recording, Reverence on Bent River, expertly takes in a wide breadth of material that’s alternately sublime, suspenseful, pleasingly intricate, elegantly spare, and even danceable over eight tracks.
    Obsessions Octet recently released their fourth offering, Reverence on Bent River. 
    Chief composer-arranger and reedman Kent Sangster delivers some of the jazziest tunes, but his opening Reverence and the Latin-infused Circling Back are true classical-jazz fusions, with the strings dutifully marking changes and ornamenting melodies, opening things up for Sangster’s expressive saxophones. Cracovian Nights draws blissfully from a European tour experience, while Mr. Rollins is a bouncy tribute to the great jazz soloist.
    There’s great work from guesting or covered composers too. Walking By Flashlight shows off the expansive genius of Maria Schneider, which Sangster absorbed firsthand during her visit here in 2018. Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda was a giant at stitching jazz to classical and soundtracks, and his Ballad For Bernt makes a delicious, spare waltz. Allan Gilliland’s Morse finds a brilliant Hitchcock-like thriller tone, inspiring a watery keyboard solo for Chris Andrew, before Andrew’s own Parisian Summer lays out a path of timeless innocence for Sangster’s soprano sax. Whether classified as a jazz band or string band, they’ve come a long way
  • “Obsessions Octet’s new fourth recording, Reverence on Bent River, expertly takes in a wide breadth of material that’s alternately sublime, suspenseful, pleasingly intricate, elegantly spare, and even danceable over eight tracks.” 

-Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

  • “Obsessions Octet channels emotions into something more romantic.It’s not romance in a sugary, predictable style, but with a robust sound that supports a flood of musical communication.Together since 2005, the group combines the lineup of a typical jazz quartet( sax-piano-bass-drums) with a classical string quartet in a lush sound that appeals to jazz and classical fans.”
-Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal
  • ”Obsessions is a unique combination of jazz quartet plus string quartet, and the distinctive blend of catchy jazz riffs with lush strings earned its debut album a Juno nomination.”- SEE Magazine
  • The Obsessions Octet performed as part of the 10th Annual International Festival of the Aegean on the Island of Syros (Greece) July 2014 in two appearances-----it was a great and impressive success.  These extraordinary, virtuosic and creative visiting artists brought an elegance  and uniqueness to the Festival which which was simply amazing.  They are world-unique and we look forward to having them return soon."

-Peter Tiboris, General Director & Music Director MidAm International Inc., Festival of the Aegean in Syros, Greece

  • ”It was a pleasure to hear you all live, and your performance was so well received by everyone.You have put together a group of very fine musicians indeed, and the pleasure they have in sharing music is evident.I look forward to hearing you again!”

- Norman Dunfee, President $ Executive Director of MidAmerica Productions Inc. in Carnegie Hall, NYC





Kent Sangster and his Obsessions Octet has released the following albums:



Our new record is OUT !!!
 available in Edmonton’s coolest record stores:  blackbyrd and The Gramophone.
(no samples are available to listen @ this moment)


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