Ken's Sangster Obsessions Octet would like to acknowledge and offer our sincere thanks to our sponsors for their generosity and support! 

Steven & Day Lepoole, Elisabeth & Reinhard Muhlenfeld, Alberta Foundation for Art, Edmonton Community Foundation, MacEvan University



Last summer the Octet hit the road again for our second European tour! This time, Jamie Cooper, recently released from his duties with the military, was able to join us on drums. Neda was unable to join us, and neither was Leanne, having been recently recruited into motherhood duties. In their place we were able to invite Clayton Leung and his brother Barry, who stepped up to the task admirably, challenging both the ladies of the group with their fearless improvisational abilities, and the gentlemen with their willingness to don red shoes!! 

It was a lovely, fantastic and incredibly productive time for all of us. 
We gave a lot concerts in a few European's cities.